Tourist Place

  • Bawan Pokhar Temple

    Bawan Pokhar temple is an historic Hindu temple located in Vaishali on the financial institution of a pond, named Bawan…

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  • Naulakha Palace

    Naulakha Palace is located close to the japanese banks of Kamla River in Rajnagar city close to madhubani. This palace…

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  • Golghar

    बिहार  में स्थित गोलघर राजधानी पटना के गाँधी मैदान के पश्चिम  है । 1770 में आई भयंकर सूखे के दौरान लगभग…

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  • Mahabodhi

    Three hundred years before Alexandria was founded, about the time that Thales, the most ancient philosopher of Europe was teaching…

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