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Bawan Pokhar Temple

Bawan Pokhar temple is an historic Hindu temple located in Vaishali on the financial institution of a pond, named Bawan Pokhar (Pokhara means pond). It’s a stone construction of the medieval interval. It’s believed that the temple was constructed throughout the Pala interval by Pallava kings. The Pala dynasty dominated from eighth century to 12th century CE within the areas comprising Bihar and Bengal. The event of artwork had been in a full-fledged method throughout the Mauryas and Guptas which was additional carried by the Pala rulers. In Bawan Pokhar temple numerous Hindu deities are enshrined at one place and worshipped collectively that are made up of black basalt stones. A four-headed Shivalinga was discovered buried within the premises of this temple. And the Shivalinga was made up of black basalt stone a big characteristic of the structure of the Pallava dynasty. Essentially the most important characteristic of this temple is that numerous idols of Hindu gods are positioned and worshiped right here. The devotee of all faith like Buddhist, Jains, and Hindus come to go to this place. There’s one other temple situated close to the Bawan Pokhar temple. It’s a temple of Lord Karthikeya, son of Lord Shiva.


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