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Naulakha Palace

Naulakha Palace is situated near the eastern banks of Kamla River in Rajnagar town near madhubani. This palace was built by Maharja Rameshwar Singh of Darbhanga.

Maharaja Rameshwar Singh Bahadur became Maharaja of Darbhanga after the death of his elder brother Maharaja Lakshmeshwar Singh Bahadur and ruled from 1898 to 1929. And it is believed that during this period the Naulakha palace was built.

There are several temples inside the palace. At the north of the main entrance, Durga Bhawan is situated. Durga Bhawan is the southernmost part of the Palace. Durga Bhawan faced eastward and had a big pond in its front. On the northern side of this pond, a temple of Goddess Kali is situated.

Goddess Durga temple is situated in a huge hall having a two-storeyed high ceiling. In the western side of Durga Bhawan, a rectangular building having three courtyards was situated. On the northernmost part of this building was the white colored two-storeyed palace of Elder Queen (Bari Maharani).

The Naulakha complex also contained a temple of Goddess Tripura Sundari.

This palace having beautiful Madhubani paintings. The oldest surviving Madhubani painting is found in the gasauni Ghar (the room where the family deity is kept) of this Palace.

This Palace suffered extensive damage during the earthquake of 1934 and was not rebuilt thereafter.

In order to explore more about the beautiful Naulakha Palace, you must visit this palace.

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